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TRITANIA Project: Improving the safety of cooking equipment

The TRITANIA project is the brainchild of Andrea Lucidi, a chemical engineer who, over the course of his long professional career, has acquired in-depth planning and production expertise in the cookware sector, working for leading companies such as Sambonet, AMC and Zepter.

Knowledge of the health and allergy effects of the different materials used to make cooking utensils led him to consider introducing titanium into the kitchen as early as the 1990s.

The high price of titanium held up the project for a long time, until it was possible to create a new multilayer material combining steel and aluminium with titanium, used for the cooking surface.

The first TRITANIA production batch - consisting of three pan formats - was designed in 2018 in Italy and produced in China, under the supervision of the team led by the engineer Andrea Lucidi. The aim was to verify the interest of the market for this innovative product before proceeding to make the necessary investments to transfer production to Italy.

The market success required an extension of the range in order to cover all the functional requirements of the kitchen on the one hand and to satisfy the need for all-round healthiness on the other.

The expansion of the range brought with it the dual need for a more precise control of the production cycle and greater flexibility, which meant that the entire production cycle had to be transferred to Italy.

Finally we can proudly display Made in Italy on our pots and pans.