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TRITANIA Mission: Improving the safety of cookware

Proud to have created a truly innovative cookware - healthy, hypoallergenic and highly performing - we would like to share the story of this project.

The team led by Andrea Lucidi made it possible: during his long professional career, the engineer worked for many companies, leaders in the cookware sector, such as Sambonet, AMC, Zepter, and acquired in-depth knowledge of titanium processing.

As an expert in cookware production, he was well aware of the critical issues of the materials used to make cooking tools and their effects on health (think of the damage caused by PFOA) as well as on the increase in nickel allergy sufferers. Combining ease/high performance and respect for health represents an hard challenge that none of the cookware manufacturers had really managed to overcome: in fact, all the materials commonly used for cookware presented more or less important critical aspects on one or the other front.

Titanium immediately appeared to be the ideal material due to its safety for health, but functional and economic reasons held up the project for a long time. Finally it was possible to develop an innovative multilayer material, combining titanium, used for the cooking surface, with aluminum (that guarantees high cooking performance) and magnetic stainless steel.

The first TRITANIA production batch - consisting of three sizes of pan - was designed and manufactured in 2016-2017. Proposed to the public in 2018-2019, it obtained great interest from the most aware and health-conscious consumers and from nickel allergy sufferers.

The sales success prompted us to extend the range in order to cover all the functional needs of the kitchen and to satisfy the need for healthiness at 360°.

This year, 2023, we have entered a partnership agreement with DUE BUOI, an Italian company (based in Maniago, PN), specialized in the production of very high quality blades, in order to share our skills in metalworking and create synergies both on the production front than on the commercial one.