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Terms of service



 1. The current terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter also the "Conditions") apply to the sales contract  between ARETÈ S.r.l., with registered office in Milano viale Angelo Filippetti 24 ,VAT 09536970966  and the final consumer or professional customer (hereinafter also the "Consumer") who places a purchase order through the e-commerce website www.tritaniacookware.com, owned by the aforementioned Company.  

2. Each contract for the purchase of the Products is considered concluded when the Consumer receives confirmation about the order from the Seller via e-mail. The contract between Aretè S.r.l. and the Consumer is to be considered concluded with the acceptance of the order by Aretè S.r.l.. By placing an order in the various ways provided, the Consumer declares to have read all the information provided to him during the purchase process and accept the general conditions of sale and payment described.

3. The Consumer, once the online purchase procedure is completed, will save an electronic copy or otherwise store these general conditions of sale, in accordance with the terms of Art. 49 et seq. D.Lgs. n.206/2005 on distance selling.


4. The Consumer can only purchase the products found in the electronic catalog of the site www.tritaniacookware.com, at the time of placing the order, viewable online as described in the relevant information sheets. It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of a product may not be fully representative of its characteristics, but may differ in color gradient, size, and accessories in the picture. 

5. Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Aretè S.r.l. by means of an e-mail reply, sent to the e-mail address provided by the Consumer. This confirmation message will contain the date of execution of the order and a 'Customer Order Number', to be used in any further communication with Aretè S.r.l.. The message will show all the data entered by the Consumer, who agrees to verify the correctness and promptly communicate any corrections in the manner described in this document. 

6. The acceptance of the order is conditional on the availability of the product. If the chosen product is not available, Aretè S.r.l. will send a message to the e-mail address provided by the Consumer informing them of the unavailability of the product.

7. It is understood, however, that the conclusion of the Contract is subject to the express approval of the purchase order by Aretè S.r.l. and the receipt of the relevant payment, which consists of the sending of a further e-mail with which Aretè S.r.l. confirms the order placed by the Consumer ("Order Confirmation"). At the same time or after the receipt of the Order Confirmation, you will receive another e-mail confirming that your order has been shipped ("Shipment Confirmation"). Therefore, the Consumer acknowledges that the Confirmation of Receipt does not constitute acceptance of the purchase order and that the Contract will be considered concluded when the Consumer receives the Order Confirmation, as per this article.


8. All prices shown in the online shop at www.tritaniacookware.com are in euros and include the statutory VAT. The prices and offers at the time of the order are valid. They may be subject to change over time.

9. The total amount of the products ordered must be paid in full at the time the order is placed through the following methods of payment available to the Consumer: Credit Cards, PayPal, bank transfer.

10.CREDIT CARDS The payment system currently accepts payments via Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Maestro. In the case of purchasing goods with payment by credit card, the transaction will be authorized at the time of order. Aretè S.r.l. reserves the right to ask the Consumer for additional information (e.g. landline phone number) or sending copies of documents proving ownership of the card used. In the absence of the required documentation, Aretè S.r.l. reserves the right not to accept the order. At no time during the purchase process, Aretè S.r.l. is able to store information relating to the buyer's credit card, transmitted via secure connection directly to the site of the bank handling the transaction. No computer file of Aretè S.r.l. will store such data. Under no circumstances can Aretè S.r.l. be held responsible for any fraudulent or improper use of credit cards by third parties when paying for products purchased.

11.PAYPAL Choosing this option the Consumer is redirected to the PayPal site to conclude the transaction. At the time of order, PayPal will immediately charge the amount of the purchase made. The Consumer's financial data is not shared with Aretè S.r.l., but managed directly by PayPal.

12.KLARNA By choosing this option the customer can take advantage of payment in three instalments. After adding the items to the shopping cart, at the Checkout select Klarna, enter your credit or debit card details, and choose the desired option (Pay in 3 instalments or Pay Now by Card). The first instalment is charged at the time of dispatch and the subsequent ones 30 and 60 days respectively after the first, interest-free of course.

13.IN-ADVANCE BANK TRANSFER: In case of payment by bank transfer in advance, the acceptance of the order and the sending of the order will take place at the time of the actual crediting of the amount due on Aretè S.r.l.’s account. The Consumer must make a bank transfer corresponding to the amount specified in the order confirmation with the following details:

- Account holder (Beneficiary): Aretè S.r.l. 

- Bank of support: Credit Agricole - CARIPARMA - Milan office 

- IBAN: IT04K0623001627000045523633

- Purpose of the transfer: order number given in confirmation 


14.You may cancel your order within one business day of placing the order by sending an email to shop@tritaniacookware.com.  We will refund you using the same method of payment that you used to make the initial transaction. For reimbursement by bank transfer must be the responsibility of the Consumer to promptly provide the bank details on which to obtain reimbursement (IBAN of the account of the holder of the order).


15.The online sales system does not require the issuance of an invoice. A fiscal  receipt, useful for assistance or warranty purposes, will be included in the order.

16. Aretè S.r.l. will issue an invoice only upon specific request of the Consumer at the time of the order and will send a copy to the e-mail address provided during registration. The Consumer will find the electronic invoice in their fiscal record. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Consumer at the time of the order shall be used, in particular it is necessary to provide the tax code and / or VAT in addition to the address of residence or fiscal office and, if owned, pec address and / or unique code.  Please check carefully the data entered in the field 'billing address'. If the billing document should not be requested at the same time as the order it can not be issued thereafter.


17.All orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and periods of closure of the company communicated on the site). Ordered products will be delivered to the shipping address provided by the Consumer. Orders with incomplete shipping addresses may be held until we are able to contact you for clarification. You must ensure that you have provided a valid phone number and email address so that we can reach you in a timely manner. Upon delivery of the products to the courier, you will receive a shipping confirmation which expressly indicates the tracking code for monitoring the shipment.

18.All orders are shipped free of charge throughout the country. There is instead a contribution to shipping costs for EU countries, which consists of:

  • €20 for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Monaco
  • €30 for the following countries: Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
  • €35 for the following countries: Andorra, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Norway, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.
  • Finally, for shipments to non-European countries, including Great Britain and Switzerland, it is necessary to contact Customer Service at info@tritaniacookware.com to know both the total amount of shipping costs and customs clearance and how to bill and carry out customs operations.

19. The delivery in Italy generally takes place via express service within 2-3 working days. For European countries the times are longer (from 5 to 7 days). During periods of heavy traffic (Christmas holidays, Black Friday) shipping times can be longer. Deliveries take place from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.    

20. At the moment of delivery from the courier, the Consumer is required to check that the packaging is intact, not tampered with or not altered in any way, even in the closing materials (adhesive tape). Any damage to the packaging must be immediately disputed, by writing RESERVE OF CONTROL on the courier's proof of delivery. Once the document of the courier is signed , the Consumer will not be able to oppose any contestation regarding the external features of what has been delivered. Any problems concerning the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 5 days of delivery via e-mail at shop@tritaniacookware.com.

21. Packages returned to us for any of the following reasons are subject to shipping and return charges: Packages that cannot be delivered due to incorrect address, Packages returned after three unsuccessful delivery attempts, Packages refused and returned to sender.


22. In accordance with Legislative Decree 21/2014, which amends the Consumer Code in force (Legislative Decree 206/2005), if the user is a Consumer (i.e. a person who buys goods for purposes not related to their professional activity), they have the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation, within the term of 14 days from the date of receipt of the order.

23. The product which, at the time of return, is perfectly intact, without visible signs that alter the original appearance and placed in the original packaging, as at the time of receipt, will be fully refunded.  In the event that the user wishes to return a product with an appearance that differs from the original (scratched exterior or altered colour, cooking surface with signs of use, etc.), he may still avail himself of the Right of Withdrawal, but he will be held responsible for the "decrease in the value of the goods stored".  The refund will therefore be partial, because the costs of reconditioning, necessary for it to be put back on sale, will be deducted.

24. The Right of Withdrawal can be exercised within the term of 14 days from the date of receipt of the product with the following methods:

  • The Consumer will send an e-mail to info@tritaniacookware.com containing the explicit declaration of wanting to exercise the Right of Withdrawal.
  • The Customer Service will contact the user, communicating by e-mail the Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA).
  • If the returned products fall under the option 'Gift with Purchase' also the gift must be returned: otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the customer's credit.
  • Aretè S.r.l. will take care of organizing the return shipment, sending the transport document to the user via email and agreeing on the day of collection from the courier. The customer must print the transport document and apply it on the package.
  • Aretè S.r.l. is not responsible for returns whose shipment is organized directly by the user and does not have tracking / delivery confirmation that shows that the package has been received by our warehouse.  

25. The refund will remain suspended until receipt of the goods. After evaluating the condition of the returned goods and, if necessary, quantifying the reconditioning costs, Aretè S.r.l. will refund the total or partial amount paid within 14 days of receipt of the goods. The refund will be made using the same method of payment used by the user to make the initial transaction, minus the cost of return shipment. In case of payment through bank transfer, the customer must promptly provide the bank details on which to obtain reimbursement (IBAN of the current account of the holder of the order).


26. All products sold by Aretè S.r.l. via the website www.tritaniacookware.com are covered by the legal guarantee of conformity provided for by articles 128 and following of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n.206 which adopted the Consumer Code.

27. The duration of the warranty for Tritania cooking units is 30 years. In order to take advantage of the assistance under warranty, the Consumer must keep the fiscal receipt or the invoice of the purchased product.

28.  The legal warranty is applied to the product that presents a conformity defect, existing at the moment of the delivery of the good or even occurring at a later time, provided that the product itself is used correctly, in compliance with its intended use.

29. In the event that upon receipt of the product, the Consumer finds a lack of conformity, he must send an e-mail to info@tritaniacookware.com containing an accurate description of the defect and photographic documentation that highlights it. The Customer Service will contact the Consumer to accept the complaint and agree on the possible return of the product. If the Customer Service, on the basis of the photographic documentation received, considers the report of defectiveness unfounded, the customer will still be free to send the product to the company to undergo physical analysis. The product for which you report the non-conformity must be sent with proper packaging, so that you can have the repair or replacement under warranty. Aretè S.r.l. will agree with the Consumer on the withdrawal of the product. If, after receiving the product, the company verifies that the reported lack of conformity actually exists, the costs of transport and repair or replacement will be borne by the company. Otherwise, or if the company verifies that the lack of conformity reported does not exist, the Legal Warranty will not operate and all transport costs will be borne by the Consumer, in this case the company will notify the Consumer and the product will be returned to the shipping address specified by the Consumer when ordering. In all cases of non-delivery of products to the Consumer the products will be kept in storage for 15 days after which the company will have the right to freely dispose of the products themselves.

30. The Consumer acknowledges and accepts that any defects or damages caused by accidental events or by the user's responsibility or by a use of the products that does not comply with their intended use or by normal wear and tear will not be covered by the Legal Warranty.


31.  Aretè S.r.l., registered office in Viale Angelo Filippetti, 24 - 20122 Milan, VAT 09536970966, REA MI- 2096915, operational headquarters in Via Fratelli Zoia, 75 - 20153 Milan, telephone 02 66666300, e-mail: info@areteideas.it treats the data of the user of the Shop on line, or the Consumer, as part of the management of the Shop on line and the fulfillment of the order. Aretè S.r.l. is the autonomous owner of the data, as better specified in the privacy policy.


32.Any possible complaint must be addressed to Aretè S.r.l.. For any information you can contact Aretè S.r.l. by e-mail at info@tritaniacookware.com or by calling Customer Service at +393925286152.


33.The contract of sale between the Consumer and Aretè S.r.l. is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. For the solution of civil and criminal disputes arising from the conclusion of this contract of sale at a distance, if the customer is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the reference court of his town of residence; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Court of Milan.



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