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Introducing Tritania, the world's healthiest frying pans

Vi presentiamo Tritania, le padelle più sane al mondo.

What is Tritania?

Quite simply the healthiest pot in the world. No, this is not an exaggeration or a publicity stunt , but plain science. The cooking surface of Tritania pans is made of 100% pure surgical titanium: a biocompatible and non-toxic metal, which does not release harmful heavy metals or other substances that, over time, accumulate in the body, can affect our health.

    Tritania is impervious to acidic foods and salt water. It does not deteriorate with use or decompose at high temperatures.
    Tritania does not contaminate the food being cooked, thus enhancing the natural flavour of the food.
    Tritania is perfect for those who are allergic or intolerant to nickel or other metals.
  • COOKING SURFACE made out of100% biocompatible titanium
    No treatments or coatings that can release harmful substances. Guaranteed to last 10 years.

More Health and More Flavour

Tritania is the ideal choice for people who care about their health and love good food. Titanium enhances the taste of food because it does not contaminate it with potentially harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Even a simple egg or a risotto tastes very different when cooked with Tritania.

Titanium's qualities are a combination of very high strength, stiffness, low density and high corrosion resistance. It is a metal that is biologically compatible with human tissue and bone, and has been used for many years in surgery for prostheses and implants.

The Hidden Quality

Simple things are always the best. Just as the healthiest foods are those with the shortest ingredient lists and no chemical additives, so Tritania's apparent simplicity is a guarantee of quality: no 'hidden ingredients', just 100% pure titanium in contact with food.

  • Does not release harmful heavy metals
    The titanium firing surface is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
  • Does not alter the food
    It enhances natural flavours.
  • It does not deteriorate with time
    It resists usage, high temperatures and washes

How is Tritania Made?

INVISIBLE TRILAMINATE TECHNOLOGY RAISED TO A NEW STANDARD. Tritania has revolutionised trilaminate technology by introducing pure titanium, which has never been used before.

  • Pure Titanium Cooking surface
    Highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, it represents the very best in taste and health safety.
  • Pure Aluminium Intermediate Layer
    Excellent conductor, ensures perfect heat distribution and consistent cooking.
  • Magnetic Aisi 430 Stainless Steel Outer Layer
    Solid and shiny, it remains unaltered forever and it is compatible with induction hobs.

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