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  • Our mission is to offer original and high quality products, that are able  to raise the quality of life and people well-being. 

  • With the TRITANIA  Project, we at Aretè have set ourselves  the goal of getting  titanium into the kitchen,  to the benefit of a really healthy and tastier eating.


  • In order to make this project possible, we entered into an agreement with the only ‘tri-ply titanium material’ producer in the world. 

  • ‘Tri-ply titanium’ is a new type of clad material, in which a titanium sheet is bonded together with an aluminum layer and a magnetic stainless steel layer. We are proud to be the first to introduce it  to the European market. 

  • Thanks to this material,  we can offer TRITANIA cooking units at an affordable price.  

Italian know how 

  • The direction of the project is entirely Italian.

  • ANDREA LUCIDI *,  project leader,  has a long-standing expertise and experience  in high quality cookware manufacturing and a deep knowledge of titanium. 

  • The design of TRITANIA cooking units combines attention to aesthetics, which characteres us Italians, with a high functional value.

  • The Aretè team constantly supervise all phases of the production cycle and carry out quality checks directly at the factory. Therefore, our products stand at the top of the quality requirements of the most demanding markets.

* Andrea Lucidi, ing. graduated from Polytechnic University of Turin , has worked for over 20 years as Operation Director with leading companies in  the cookware industry (Sambonet, AMC,Zepter). Moreover he has acquired an extensive expertise on titanium, due to his collaboration with an Italian company leader in the processing and marketing of this metal.